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When you order a custom essay writing service, you expect your paper to be 100% original and meet all your requirements. At, every paper is custom-written from scratch and follows your instructions word-for-word.

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Free Revision

What if you receive the completed paper and see you are not quite satisfied with it? Or you showed the paper to your professor, and they want you to make some modifications before you submit it? With our Free Revision feature, your writer will modify the paper without any extra charges.

For 2 whole weeks, you can submit your paper for revisions to incorporate your professor’s feedback or make the changes you want. We’ll happily revise it until the paper fully meets your requirements. Your writer will stay in touch and cooperate to ensure you get what you expect.

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We appreciate it that customers choose our essay writing service and stay with us. That’s why we’ll be giving you bonuses for every order - 10% of the first order’s cost, and 5% each next time (not to mention extra bonuses from time to time).

This Bonus Money lands on your Balance, a virtual money account you’ll have at Just use the money when you place your next order. For example, if you have $50 on your Balance, you can pay only $30 for a $80 paper. This cool feature makes the cheapest essay writing service you know. So, the more you order, the less you pay!

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When you first use a college essay writing service, you are anxious. We get that. You are worried you won’t know what’s going on with your paper. Or may be the paper will not be good enough, and there will be no one to take care of the situation.

No more worries. At, we provide live support 24/7. Whatever your question or problem is, you will get help within minutes, even if it’s late at night. You can forget about ‘staying on the line’: you contact Customer Support, you talk to a real person, and you get all your problems fixed. As simple as that.

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